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Pigs Get Fat Hogs Get Slaughtered


Why would we be willing to give up half of our commission to our clients? I think it can be summed up with this classic phrase; pigs get fat hogs get slaughtered. This phrase is an old Texas colloquialism I learned years ago, and it is was good advice then and it is today.


We are an independent brokerage firm that is very aggressive for our clients. We strive to get them the most favorable terms on a lease that we can and the best office space. Over the past twenty years, our office brokerage service has provided our clients with the ultimate representation to locate the office space they desire.​

Business Meeting

So what does our unique offer give you as a consumer of our services?

  • Instant Market Data

  • Outstanding Office Space Location Service

  • Lease Review

  • Finacial Analysis 

  • Construction Assistance

  • Advocation for Your Best Interests​


How does our 50% commission refund work to your advantage?

Because we are a firm with very low overhead, we can offer this benefit to you. We will provide you with superior DFW Tenant Representation Services and give you part of our earned commission. Here is an example of how this opportunity would benefit you.

Let's assume that you want to lease a 3,500 square foot Class A office space in Frisco Texas. Typically the market term is five years, and the current rental rate is $39.00 per square foot. Market commissions are paid at 4.5% of the gross rent. 

In this example, the total gross rent is $655,000. The total payable commission is $29,925. We would reimburse $14,962 to the tenant on the lease.

Some stipulations are essential to understand:

  • Payment will be disbursed to the tenant 15 days after Finch Realty receives a commission.

  • Since the commission is a percentage of the total rent, this program is only offered on transactions with a total gross rent of $200,000 or more.

  • The landlord can not have any restrictions regarding reimbursement of commissions to the tenant.


If this commission reimbursement program sounds like an option, you would like to explore contact us for more information. It is just the begining of a mutually benificial relationship that will last for years to come.​

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