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 Leasing & Sales

Tenacity and persistence are the characteristics we possess that produce results for our clients.

Performance not Excuses

When we started Finch Realty, we were a boutique tenant representation firm. Our clients depended upon us to locate the best opportunities for them to lease. Many times I would call upon a property that I knew was perfect for my client, but I couldn't get the landlord's agent to respond. 


The landlord's broker returned my call several days later, and it was too late. My client had decided on another property. I share this with you because it is true. Time kills deals. We understand this reality and know that when you hire us, you expect us to be proactive and responsive because your investment depends upon our responsiveness.


We use a system for each of our properties that allows a property owner to log into their account 24/7 to see who we are talking to about their property. Our property owners understand the leasing and sales activity we are taking on their behalf. We treat your investment like it was ours and our results prove we are working for you​.

On last but essential comment, we will not use your listing to get tenant representation business until we have your consent. Often I would call upon a leasing agent and ask about space and instead of selling me on the building I called about they are telling me about another listing they have. Sometimes they didn't realize I was a broker and they would try to have me sign with them to represent me to locate a space.


We know that when a call or contact comes to us from marketing activities for your building, you expect us to do everything we can to lease or sell your investment. We will never use you to get other business. If it is apparent that the prospect will not rent or buy your building, we will confidentially discuss the reasons with you and only pursue them as a client for another opportunity if you permit us to do so.

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