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Tenant  Services

All real estate investments need tenants. Without them, the property has no value. We began our business serving tenants because they are the reason people build buildings.

Free Commercial Space Report

We will send you a free rundown of accessible spaces explicit to your specifications with rent rates, building photographs and historical building data.


We will send you're space report to you! Thank you for contacting us.

It Is The Tenants, Not The Bricks And Mortor

When I started my commercial real estate career I was blessed to work for the Trammell Crow Company. At the time Trammell was the largest real estate developer in the world. He would often tell us as we looked at his beautiful developmnents. "I build buildings for tenants. It isn't about the buildings it is aboutthe tenants." We were in the tenant business and development was a by-producet of the relationships we had with our tenants.

So logically when I started Finch Realty, I was orientated toward helping tenants find and negotiate the best real estate deals in the Metroplex. I have outlined our Tenant Representation Service below. If you would like outstanding results and the office or industrial space you deserve contact us so we can assist you.

Tenant Representation


Needs Assessment


We meet with you and ask precise questions to identify your present and future office space requirements. The most significant cost savings is in taking as little square feet as possible. Our goal is to help you achieve the best outcome for your office space needs.

Site Selection


We have access to the top database of Dallas office space. Additionally, we receive daily property lististings from all the major office brokers. Once we know your office requirement, we will match it against our data source and locate several options for your next Dallas office. When we finish our tour, you will have at least six viable options.

Financial Analysis


After our property tour, we send out a detailed request for proposal describing your office requirements. When we receive responses from your top selections, we perform a financial analysis of each location giving you a dynamic overview of the monetary commitment for each lease.

Space Planning


A critical component of each office space is its design. We work closely with the building's space planner to maximize your construction dollars and help you design the most professional space for your money.

Lease Negotiation


Our lease review is extensive. We examine all the business terms to ensure they give you the most benefit. We work closely with your attorney to provide them with insight into comparable leases and concessions that are currently offered by landlords.



To most tenants, the fun begins with construction. We attend all construction meetings with you and the buildings representatives to give helpful advice and make sure that you are getting the professional construction you deserve and the landlord delivers a quality space to you.



Our favorite time is delivering a space to our clients that exceeds their expectations. Having great connections and experience,  we are able to give you suggestions for furniture vendors, phone systems, and cabling companies. We stay with you until you accept the space.

How We Are Paid


The landlord will pay us out of the commission they would have paid their broker. With us or without us a commission is paid. However, if you use us, you will have an advocate fighting for you from start to finish.


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