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Frisco Medical Office Space

I have been helping Doctors acquire Frisco medical office space for several years. I specialize in offices that range from 1,200 - 5,000 square feet. Many of my clients prefer to office in locations that are easy for their patients to access. So, I have found that single-story offices work best for these practices.

An example of Frisco Medical Office Space
North Forest Office Park Frisco, Texas

North Forest Office Park is an example of one of the quality medical office space options found in Frisco. This property is in high demand and is usually 100% occupied.

The property's design gives patients easy access to the doctor's office and has quality construction and tenant finish improvements. Unfortunately, like many medical locations in Frisco, they are presently 100% occupied. The developer recently completed a new building, and they leased it 100% last week.

Many doctors find buildings on their own, and every aspect of the property is perfect for their practice. They see other medical offices in the office park and assume that they can occupy the vacant space. Unfortunately, in Frisco, Texas, Frisco medical office space zoning requires that the office has five per one thousand square feet for parking. The City of Frisco will inspect the property before issuing a certificate of occupancy. If the landlord has overparked the property, the doctor may not get the required Certificate of Occupancy. Sometimes the doctor is leasing the last space the city will not let them occupy.

Fortunately, new projects are developing throughout Frisco. Many new opportunities cross my email daily. If you are looking for Frisco Medical office space, don't procrastinate when you find the perfect location.

If you are frustrated and tired of wasting time looking for your Frisco medical office space, contact me. I focus on medical locations in Frisco and can help you find the best site for your practice.

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