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Is Creative Office Space for You?

Is traditional office space going the way of the dinosaur and creative office space the future? Many of my clients are looking for a creative office space. They have heard the buzz about this concept and they are looking for a new look to their office.

Creative Office Space

Sometimes my clients are surprised when I confirm with them that they are willing to not have private offices, a reception area, cubicles a traditional conference room and generally have exposed ceilings. It is important to know what you are asking for when you are speaking about creative office space.

Characteristics of Creative Office Space

Exposed Ceilings: Gone are ceiling tiles and the ceiling now is exposed concrete to the floor above. The tenant will see all the HVAC equipment, plumbing, electrical and data communications. An exposed ceiling usually will require treatment of the concrete above and redesign of some of the ducting in a second-generation space.

Private offices: Creative office space has minimal private offices. It is not unusual to have only one or two private offices in the design. Typically they are constructed with glass walls.

Open Floor Plan: When entering a Creative office space it is typical to have large open areas in the floor plan. There may be a movable architectural wall placed in strategic locations but the space itself is generally open.

Flooring: Most creative spaces have treated concrete floors with minimal carpet placed in specific locations in the office space. If the floor is concrete and the ceiling is exposed space will tend to echo. While designing the space the office tenant will want to place sound-absorbing systems in the space to minimalize the reverberation of sound.

Huddle/Multi-Purpose Rooms: Throughout the space, there are smaller rooms designed for teams to meet in to discuss various projects and not disturb others in the open area. These rooms generally accommodate 4-6 persons.

Movable Walls: Sometimes the design will incorporate areas where rooms can be reconfigured. This gives the tenant flexibility within their space to redesign their office-based upon current needs. Varidesk offers several options to help its clients maintain flexibility.

Design: Within the creative office space there is usually the use of reclaimed wood, brick, and bright colors. Bright natural lighting is preferred.

Building Common Area Features: Most creative office space users occupy office buildings that offer A-class amenities. These include building a gym, restaurant, conference room, and high parking ratios. In addition to the amenities of the building, the tenant looks at the building's location for amenities within the area. There usually is various forms of entertainment and dining plus easily accessible residential housing.

The rule of thumb for creative office space is to offer flexibility. Because of today's quickly changing business climate office spaces must also be able to change. The design that works today may be completely different in a year.

With a traditional office design, the hard walls are difficult and expensive to move. With a creative office space not only are they movable but they could move several times within a year.

Finch Commercial Realty specializes in helping office tenants in Dallas, Plano, Richardson, and Plano find and negotiate great office leases. We can help you reach your office space goals.

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