Rewarding Tenant Representation And Office Brokerage

The Rewards Of Tenant Representation And Office Brokerage

I have been practicing tenant representation for Dallas office tenants over twenty-five years. The best part of the office brokerage experience is when my client moves into their new office. I know it sounds crazy, but I love seeing my client getting the keys to the office that they told me they were looking for a few months ago.

Tenant Representation

Two weeks ago I had the wonderful experience of seeing two doctors opening their new office in Plano. The search took a long time. The office is an exceptional office for my clients, and it was for me too. We needed the perfect location with the right office building. Parking was of paramount importance for their patients. They had to get the right building in an office market that is defiantly a landlord's market.

The budget was tight. Since my client is smart, they wanted to get a space that was a value. They also wanted the landlord to pay for the entire construction of their new office space. My goals were identical to theirs because this is what I preach. The best office lease is one that creates value for both my client and the landlord. Both parties must be happy with the deal.

The Rewards Of Tenant Representation And Office Brokerage

We looked for office space for a while. We had the luxury of proper planning on behalf of my client. They knew that the assignment wouldn't be easy, so they had given me several months to locate the perfect office. We found it, and they are happy.

We designed the exact design that they wanted and the landlord paid for all the construction. The best thing is that we placed them in an area surrounded by offices at $38 per foot and they are paying significantly less!

Walking into their building and looking at my client's new office. Smelling the fresh paint, carpet and looking at the clean, modern finishes. A happy customer is what is so exciting for me. Meeting with my clients hearing what they want and then walking into the space that a few months ago were mere words and now it is a physical reality. I love doing tenant representation brokerage.

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