The Advantages an Office​ Tenant Rep Gives You When Leasing Office Space

It is essential to have a tenant rep on your team, especially in the landlord driven Frisco office space market and Plano office space market. Landlords hire seasoned marketing experts to represent their buildings and create the highest rental rates possible. These agents place an office tenant at a serious disadvantage. The tenant's solution is to have an experienced office tenant rep and equalize the negotiation. Your personal and dedicated tenant representative will bring the same market knowledge, resources, and tools to find the best office space and negotiate the best lease for you.

The Office Tenant Rep
The Office Tenant Rep

Top 4 Reasons to have an Office Tenant Rep on your team

Office Space Search: A professional office tenant rep is always focused on their market. They know almost everything that has to do with office space in their market and bring this knowledge to you immediately. You will not get this information searching on LoopNet or looking at other office space search systems. Yes, a tenant rep has office database systems too but they have the best ones money can buy. More important than a database, a good tenant rep has years of experience and knowledge of conversations he or she has with other brokers. This information is not on the internet and only people know about it through personal relationships built by years of working together.

Every day I receive emails from office brokers with current updates on their listings. I get these notifications because I have been leasing Plano office space and Frisco office space for twenty years.

Landlord Know You're Serious: With the busy office market that landlords are experiencing that don't want to waste their time with people just looking around. They know that if you have an office tenant rep you have already been vetted and they will take you seriously. A tenant rep wouldn't waste their time if they know you were not a real prospect for the landlord. Your response time is significantly faster and you will get better results.

Tools Of The Trade: Every profession has standards that are developed over the years. These techniques simplify the process and yield better results. Commercial office brokerage is no different. An office tenant rep will give you an efficient office space search that will offer several favorable options to select your next office space. They will perform a lease analysis so you can easily review the economics of each deal. Office tenant reps perform many tasks for their clients more than just finding office space.

Drive Competition: One of the primary responsibilities of an office tenant rep is to give you valid office space options. The goal is to locate several office spaces that meet your objectives. The tenant rep should have a good reputation with the landlord's brokers for honesty. This gives the tenant rep's client a significant advantage because the landlord knows you have legitimate options and they will aggressively offer you the best deal possible. Having a qualified office broker on your team evens the playing field and saves you time and headaches.

We are here to help you if you need an experienced office tenant rep in Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Frisco, Allen or McKinney. You may contact us and we are happy to meet with you to explain our services to you.

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