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Find Dallas Commercial Space with our assistance.

Free Commercial Space Report

We will send you a free rundown of accessible spaces explicit to your specifications with rent rates, building photographs and historical building data.


We will send you're space report to you! Thank you for contacting us.

Dallas Commercial Tenant Representation

Finch Commercial Realty specializes in helping YOU find the best Dallas commercial real estate space for lease, rent, or purchase. We help companies small and large in the search, site selection, lease negotiation, and occupancy of office space, medical office space, and Dallas warehouse space. We assist existing or startup or companies and we have the tools, experience, and resources to ensure you have the best opportunity to reach your commercial space goals. 


To get a list of commercial real estate to enhance your search Call (972) 467-4753 or fill out our form. Our fees are paid for by landlords so our service is free to you. 


Once we have a good understanding of your ideal size, location, timing, and budget we will identify every property that matches your current and future needs and send you a complete report with a map overview, photos, and pricing. From there we will schedule tours draft proposals, and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the best deal possible. We will help with your space planning and design and drive your rental rate down.

Dallas Office Space, Medical Office Space And Warehouse space Has Been Our Specialty For Nineteen Years.

The Dallas Metroplex Commercial Real Estate Market Is Our Specialty

Our expertise is commercial real estate in Dallas, TX. We don't concentrate our efforts on multiple markets because we want to give our clients the best possible representation We can do this because we focus exclusively on the commercial real estate in Dallas, Texas.


For 21 years we have assisted companies like yours find multiple options, select the best one, negotiation the best terms and conditions, navigate the construction process and move into their new office, medical space or warehouse. We assist our clients until they receive the keys to their space and they are satisfied with every aspect of their commercial real estate decision.

We Exclusively Represent Tenants & Purchasers of Office , Flex, Medical or Warehouse Space In Dallas Tx

We learned it is difficult to serve two masters. We chose the represent the interests of tenants and investors so we are not ever placed in a compromising position. Our only goal is to provide you with honorable representation so you can achieve your real estate goals and objectives.

If you want to put us to the test call us now at 972-467-4753, fill in our Free Dallas Commercial Real Estate Form or go to the chat box in the lower left hand corner. You will see how responsive we are to your our actions.

We will quickly send you a report detailing properties that meet you specific requirements. Our report will have property information, pictures and even an analysis of the rental rate history for each property. 

Our Tenant And Buyer Representation Service Is 100% Free To YOU

The majority of the buildings have a professional broker representing them and they are paid a fee by the landlord to represent the landlord. Their goal is to extract as much money from you as they can. If you choose to use our skills and knowledge we will represent your interests and the other broker will pay us a percentage of their commission. 

It doesn't matter if you use us to make your negotiation better or you don't, a fee will be paid. It will all go to the broker who's reason to be in the transaction is to get the most money for the landlord.

We will not cost you a single dime but not using use can absolutely cost you time, frustration, and thousands of dollars.

Your Most Valuable Assets Are Your Money And Time. We Save Both.

Most likely you found our website spending your time searching the internet for either office medical or industrial space. You are probably getting information on outdate listings or incorrect pricing. Stop wasting your time.

We know more in our brain than you will find on the internet. When you contact us we will provide professional tenant representation or buyer representation services to you. The first thing we will do is send you an initial list of properties that meet you requirements. Then we will vet the properties on that list and add even more based upon our extensive connections with landlords and brokers in the market that have information on spaces that are not in a database. While we are doing this work you are running your business and we are doing what we do best, commercial real estate brokerage, for you.

We have the latest market information, current property availability data, market comparable information and twenty one years of history providing our service to hundreds of firms just like yours.

We will give you the information to know you are getting the best deal and make your real estate search fun for you and beneficial for your business.

Our Focus Is On DFW Metroplex Office Space, Flex Space, Medical Office Space And Warehouse Space 

Office Space

Office space is classified as A, B or C grade buildings. Each building has different amenities that are offered to the tenants.  Additionally, each market has different advantages over other markets that can impact your leasing decision. We are active in the DFW office market and keep informed on important market events that are critical for your office leasing decision. Contact us so that we can assist you and guide you in making the best decision for your business. Our service is free of charge to you.

Flex Space

This type of property gives a tenant the combination of warehouse and office space. Sometimes the entire space is 100% office. This gives generally gives the user a lower cost office rent while still providing a good office environment. The Dallas area has approximately twenty five million square feet of flex space. We have data on every space to help you make the best selection for your business. 

Medical Space

We help medical practices like yours make the right real estate decisions for their practice. We have valuable demographic information to help you locate the right patient mix so you have the office location to maximize your income. We know the best spaces for you and can help you located them. If you are looking to lease or buy a medical condo or building we can help. Best of all our service is free to you. We save you from frustration and wasting your time searching for space on the internet.

Warehouse Space

A trouble-free warehouse space search requires a knowledge of city zoning ordinances. Often the perfect space is found by a novice only to discover that the use will not comply with city zoning. We know the zoning for the buildings and make sure they comply with your use before we show them to you. Our goal is to find exactly what you need and save you time. We ask questions about your use so we know that the selected properties will comply with the city zoning and meet your needs. 

What Our Clients And Real Estate Professionals Say About Finch Commercial Realty

The Dallas Office and Commercial Real Estate Market Is Large And Complex You Need Experienced Tenant Representation

The Dallas Metroplex is a very large market. It consists of 36 unique markets.  Each one has its own demographics, codes and regulations that a tenant or investor must know. Knowledge of the city codes will save you time. Not knowing them will cost you both time and money. Understanding the demographics will help you select the best choice for clients and employees. Engaging our free tenant representation and buyer representation services will give you a significant advantage by avoiding properties that will not meet your design and staffing requirements.

Know the right people to get the maximum benefit. Commercial real estate isn't any different from your business. You have a network of experts and friends that you know will help you as you make crucial decisions. We have been in the commercial real estate business for twenty one years. We have relationships with architects, attorneys, brokers, landlords, contractors and inspectors. Just as important it is helpful to know the people to stay away from to avoid a serious mistake. Our free Dallas tenant representation service and buyer representation service will give you access to the best people so you make the best decision.

The location of your commercial space is critical to the success of your business. Where you are located is far more than just what you are paying per square foot in rent.


Location and its impact to your business could be:

  • Type of employee you attract

  • Impression of your business to customers

  • Local Amenities or lack of them.

  • Security

  • Physical maintenance and deferred maintenance

  •  Hours of Operation

  • Access to you clients and customers

Planning is more important than finding a space. Knowing when and what to do is more important than finding a space. Most likely you found our website because you are searching for commercial real estate information in the Dallas Metroplex. Even if we sent you information on the perfect space there is much more that must be done to get a good deal for your business. You must set up a competitive environment for your space. You need to give yourself enough time to get the most benefit. When you use our free tenant representation and buyer representation service we will meet with you and customize a plan around your needs to position you to get the best results for your next commercial space.

We Provide Customized Tenant Representation For Office, Medical and Warehouse Tenants In Dallas and Fort Worth.

Finch Commercial Realty was founded in 2001 to help Dallas Commercial Tenants navigate the often confusing process of finding and negotiating quality office space, warehouse space or medical office space. Our company has offered our services to hundreds of satisfied customers and we would like to help you.

Our fees are paid by the landlord so our service is of no expense to you. The only true cost is if you choose to go it alone and not us Finch Commercial Realty to help you at this critical juncture for your business. We have years of experience, all the necessary tools and most importantly 19 years of valuable market knowledge and relationships with many real estate professionals.

A few times landlords have accused me of being a partner in my client's business because if fought so hard to get them what they need. I think this is the ultimate compliment. I hope that you will give me a chance to show you how I can help you get the Dallas commercial space you deserve but I cannot help you if I don't know you. So the choice is yours. Get a pro on your team and stop searching the internet. I will send you valuable property immediately that meets your requirements. 

You can call me now at 972-467-4753, complete the easy form on this page or communicate with me with the comment box. I wish you well with your space search and hope you choose to work with Finch Commercial Realty so you get the best commercial space for your business.

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